EZEssay #01

What is Ezequias all about?

Hi, I am a system analyst, a father a son and none of this words defines me. I am a libertarian, Buddhist and a good friend but all this adjectives do not defines me also.

A long time ago I was taken by a desire of liberty. I was looking for why do people are so worried by finding a truth, finding a purpose for this life. I was analyzing this points and asking to myself “why do they people do not accept the other people liberty?, why do people want somebody else choosing their future and what to do?”.

Actually I am a rebel, I don’t want to make things like the other. If the common sense is well defined I would prefer to argue, to question and do not simple accept because as @seanwes says: “You will never influence the world by trying to be like it”. As I said, I am a rebel but this world do not defines me.

I would like confess you that I do not deal well with command/control, neither only with command nor with control much less with both together. In all fields, religious, economics, society and sexually I do not get how an human in a sane conscience can be dominated completely by some other else without questions. That phrase “I do agree 100% with you” simply do not fit in my brain. I don’t even agree with 80% of my opinions neither actions. Why do agree 100% with other one?

I am not a rebel without cause. I have a cause, actually I am maturing the idea each day and trying to find out the points to forget and other new acquire. Trying do the best and make it with passion is one of the points of my foundation. Respect to other else opinion is another point. All my understanding is facing to respect to the other liberty and myself liberty. Yes liberty is one of my favorites words. It all encapsulates the kindness and altruism of the people.

Another word I recently learn was private property, yes. Private property, I guess it is the point where the liberty do not became damage/violence/disrespect. When I attacking the property to say, to move and to live the other liberty was kept in the process. I would like to discuss more about liberty, economic and religion but all this subjects will be analysed by the civil rights and liberty.

I do have many trouble with my understanding of liberty. I aliyahs stand in a point that they have liberty to show their point of view I have the liberty to accept. This focus puts me in a trouble because I receive all bad points to not make an act to deny some wrong behavior I give too much liberty to myself and all consequences of it must be addressed to me. Anyway I do not put myself in a position of injustice just because I have the discretion that I put myself in that situation by daisy or fear.

Well this text do not defines me maybe no other text written by me or somebody else will do. Even my entire life defines me and I don’t want it. I have the plenty to be anything I am focus on. I have the ability to be a painter, a writer a programmer or anything else but I am not. What I am? I do more care of “how” how kind, how serious I do educate my fellows and the other.

I am not afraid. If you commands me is because I permit.



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