Libertarianism, voluntary association and control

Many people believe that to something to be done wright someone must be on charge. There is even people that can’t do their own job without a boss or a manager. Some of this behavior is lend to extreme, in religion, work, family and even in sex. I do not agree.

In our society we commonly relate the ordering in chaos moments – like climate catastrophes poverty and war – to the public sector. When we see some bureaucrat standing in a way that the state is putting all in order it could be a misunderstanding In most cases the state is the ordered of all mess. Make a who, why, when of the majority of war, catastrophes and poverty comes from and figure out who is causing it? why? and where are all them before and after this occurrences?.

Now think about regulation. Many people think as much regulation one sector of society is on much the sector is safe. Is really the state putting an order in all of it? People think “but we need more regulation because without it all will be a complete disorder”. Let’s talk later about disorder and their causes.

Make an exercise and think about John. He has a small hot-dog vending cart. He sells to his community and fellows without any trouble day before day. Some day a regulator bureaucrat appears to him telling that your entrepreneurship must to adapt to some specifications. John don’t understand but he is trying to make the things in the “right way”. John has two ways:

1. He can’t fill all regulation rules and another propitious company has ended again.
2. He adapts to the regulation and he can stay selling their hot-dogs. But wait; John spent too much money to fulfill all regulations rules and now he have too much bills to pay. Now he spent half time to get the money to pay for the regulation and another to increase the business (make marketing, buy hot-dogs, bred, sauce etc). Of course he is less competitive than before.

Now John payed all bills of the regulation and now he have a little more money to expand. What happened now? he figure out that the “social welfare bureaucrat” has coming again. Now he must follow some environment rules that all others must follow. Now his hot-dog must be of a chicken that has all sanitary inspection OK, the bred can’t be bought o longer than 3 days and the sauce; oh! the sauce now he have “no transgenic no sanitary proof sauce ops, another thing; the hot-dog now must have the same size to all customers and must be with fries.

In a third moment John receive a letter telling that new rules must be applied. He must sell hot-dogs with a toy, just because children has the right to enjoy the life in a world that a toy is a inner part of a hot-dog.

After all this time John is tired of so many regulation, we can imagine that he have two ways at this moment. To be driven by a regulation environment or to give up of this entrepreneurship and try a state appliance to have some bureaucrat job. Pour John of course he tried but he didn’t get. Another McDonals like to not come rise at this world.

This story is to elucidate how regulation can be dangerous in a economy. We could think in a natural regulation. A regulation driven by the consumers that buy or to not buy a product. When we let some master, superior knowledge guide what must be sell or buy we are in a dangerous situation. Is about this dangerous this essay.

People think the market is evil. People in a free market can be very dangerous, they can degrade the human kindness and make money the only purpose of life. Hey, let’s think a little about it:

What about the market about? as I understand it is about “Voluntary Exchange you know what is voluntary? is about no coercion. The companies can’t make any kind of coercion o you buy or follow their thoughts. Now let’s talk about another way of exchange one with coercion in they kernel. Let’s talk about government.

There is any way the government exist without coercion? Please tell me if it is possible. No, there is no way to be a state without taxes, and labor confiscation. Many people say that there is a social contract? Do you know any “social contract”? did you singed out any time? anywhere?

I didn’t sing any “social contract” and you most probably don’t. There isn’t any social contract. Actually there is a fear that rules all “control” contract. If you are under charge probably any fear question is on it. Take a look on the mayor of your city, it ordered you to pay the light taxes even if you don’t have a pool in front of your house. You must pay the roads taxes even if you walk the majority of your time. There is a fear that rules all of it.

Ending this essay I would like to ask everybody to think about why the opinion of a small group of people can be more accurate of the opinion of one entire community, or even country? Why to make a war is a decision of a small group of people if it will generate an entire change in millions of peoples life? Why a car, milk, service or a hot-dog vending cart must be set by a small group of people if we have thousands, millions to averring it’s accuracy?

The government can’t beat the market because the market rules are more filtered and tested than in the dream world of the state of coercion.

Think about if you want to have a free or controlled life. Think about free market.

ps: Large companies (they don’t show but they do) loves regulation. It is a way to keep their status quo. It makes the opponent quite busy to not get the success. As much regulated is a sector it is more static and monopolized.



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