Recently I saw a video on youtube that mentioned “Talk to Your 10 year Old Self”

This is a nice initiative to try to extract what where the dreams of yourself and a nice way to make you to know if you attend your dreams after your childhood.

So let’s check mine:

My dream in the childhood was to be a scientist, actually an astronaut. My dream was to be a professional that deals with about 100 buttons every day. I thought it cool in the late 80s.
Well desire attended. Great Ezequias.

I could say to my 10 years old self that yes, you will be a success in the future. You will get much, but much, much more than the majority of your people in Brazil. You “Ezequias boy” will win about more than 95% of the people of Brazil.

Hey boy, another great things to you in the 80s. You will keep your family together far away the 2000 years. You will be a very lucky guy boy.

In the letter I probably would put: “Yes you will travel to almost all regions of Brazil, north, south, east and west Another nice story to you little boy. You will travel to two different countries. You will know Boston, New York and Toronto three marvelous cities in the world”.

So thinking well, this life is not so good. You have house, food, friends and knew many places in the world. You will have the opportunity to teach your lessons to many people and people respect you and still like your work even after about 30 years.

Little boy, be confident that your future only depends of you. There is no place to losers when you decided to make your life a way to make people happy. There is no way to have misery making kindness the entire life.

Keep going Ezequias, your future is in your hands.

Yourself 26 years old later..

ps: The youtube video that inspired myself:


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