Stand up comedy and the power of political correctness


— April —
A new way of making comedy had arisen in Brazil in the last two years  This new way of comedy is called “stand up comedy”. A new way to make comedy without make use of some stereotype like someone from outbacks, some gay person or a dumb person.
This new style is in a way different just because a person stands in the stage make the presentation, like: “I am Chris Rock and…” for example and start to talk of some funny things that happened in a period of time of this person. What is more funny is that the funny stories mustn’t be truth. The person say it so convincing that many people think the person has participated of that story or think in the way is said.
The Brazilian people didn’t understand yet that all that in stage story are made just to make it funny. Doesn’t matter if there is an offensive speech during the story but the idea is make people laugh of themselves  The main idea is “really” to make fun. The problem is when people leave this story to their personal side. You must agree that there are many people nowadays with little sense of humor. I could guess that those people don’t sense of humor at all.
So let’s think about it: One person goes to a talk show to distress from the trouble of the day and have a little fun. So the artist make some joke that doesn’t fit on the listen beliefs. What happen?
1. The person just laugh of the joke even do not agreeing with it. It is just a joke
2. The person don’t think the idea of the artist. Don’t like the joke and put on the internet that the artist has some “other” purpose with that joke to thousands of people.
3. The person don’t like the joke and just don’t laugh.
4. The person don’t like the joke and think it is offensive. He says: “Why that man has been making that kind of joke?” “Let’s prosecute this person” “He doesn’t have the right to make this kind of joke. It is not a joke anymore. I don’t want to play with this person and you shouldn’t do so.
What is funny is that all that answers have been occurring nowadays in our country. It could be happening probably in many countries. And I go further. As less educated the population much more offensives it could be.
My idea on this situation is the following:
There is a huge amount of people that are spreading the idea that the political correctness is the way that the world must follow. They are the conservatives. The guardians of morals if the country. But you don’t think that it is quite impossible to make the entire country to behave in the same way?
There is a person in my country that went much further than any other in stand up comedy in Brazil. He made a joke with a rich person in Brazil. It was an idiot joke but this man don’t get his money making not idiot things let’s say. But this mistake costs too much to him. He lost his job, all contracts on publicity and many rich enemies. So let’s think further too. Why a personal joke is more offensive than a general joke?
Why if I make a joke of an entire ethnic group or from an entire group of people from a remote place do not make the speech of if a criminal? Did you think about it before?
Another more dangerous idea behind of this idea is. Who are this people that do not want this man spread his ideas? For what cause they are making him afraid of speak? I think that the right of speech is the second more important right to the man. The first right is the right of think that is the origin of speech of course.
So think and speech should not be denied to anyone at this point I am intolerant.
— July
After 3 months I change my mind. After listen an interview of a congressman Jean Wyllys about this topic I have another opinion about the term “political correctness”. He made me think after what he said:  “yes, we now will not be silent anymore”. The idea is, the discriminated groups in the past will not be silent with prejudices ideas. In the past they could make joke of gays, black people and minorities but now they will hear the answer because the are not afraid anymore.
It is important to think about it but there is another point “always another point of views”, from John Stossel that says “when being ofended give power to people they got offended more easily”.

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