Generation Y


Generation Y

This week we received an important visit from a Cuban dissident Yoani Sanchez. Yoani is a young josnalist and try to be the voice for liberty in Cuban island. It is interesting in it’s message that in a country that the average of salary is about US$ 20.00 month it’s internet connection is about US$ 7.00 hour. Just this simple point show how aggressive is the Cuban govern. I wonder how someone can live in a world like this. The more aggressive way to keep people under total charge is making them unable to think.

I come back to my ideal of right to private property. Also in this case your think and your voice is your own property. No-one should have the right to shut up you. I am in a free speech country and can’t accept in 2013 we still have countries where to think different is consider as a criminal act. The people of Cuba deserves something better.

Yoani was outraged in Brazil by people that think the idea from Castro brothers is the only way to produce a better economic world. Nobody needs to be too much intelligent to understand that the utilitarian communist utopia fail and is going failing in all countries where it was applied. We can’t be sustainable developed with a govern that hinder, paralyze all new initiatives, new thinkers and the opening market. Sorry Raul Castro but your utopia world doesn’t exist beyond in your mind.

I one more time wonder how can a thin 37 years old girl that only have $ 20 to prepare their month can be so intelligent and resilient My congratulations to you Yoani, you are not a girl. You are a fighter for liberty in your country and the other. Your message tells us that the power of a woman in a future world is need. If you need a hand there are million on your side.

My sincerely regards

Ezequias Rodrigues da Rocha


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