Sean McCabe


Some time ago I was thinking of making a essay to show how Sean McCabe is a great media artist.

I got impressed by a new typo he published that says you will never influence the world by trying to be like it. It is a quite important phrase that face to me in that time. Drink dirty water is the common process to experience the world and make it a better place.

During our life some opportunities only come once so we must seize them. Let’s make the difference now when we have time and opportunity don’t miss live your dream  and don’t hesitate to be an eloquent rebel.

If you realy want to make something good you only will have the chance if you do what you love and if you do it often. The chances will rise up no doubt, I can garantee. I am pleased to have the opportunity to know Sean McCabe becouse the internet. Without it it will be quite impossible becouse I live in Recife/Brazil and he in Texas/USA.

Sean is the kind of people that we can call the positive thinker who sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible I am grateful to know people like Sean, so if you have a great idea don’t pro.cras.ti.nate  do it and make others to know it. Showing your ideas is the main way to the innovation, no doubt, I guarantee.

Ah Sean says, endurance is the price tag of achievement  do not leave any trouble or obstacle make you stop. Embrace the struggle  be strong and do not let any problem without solution, no excuses.

I believe that life is about the people you meet  and Sean makes mine better he teaches me don’t make assumptions and don’t take anything personally it is the tip for living a life of tranquility and without many anger.

Yesterday I put something off but I learned that starting that thing you’ve been putting off today is another great tip to make fabulous things to the world. So  always make old new mistakes  and learn to fly.

Thanks Sean please keep making precious hand lettering  with inspiring phrases and beauty because there is no ethic that do not pass throughout aesthetic.


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